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I have a lot of beliefs and I speak up about those beliefs a lot…

And one of the things I believe in, is not cyber-bullying people.

Cyber-bullying is something I struggle with a lot.

But honestly, I just don’t understand bullying in any shape or form.

As a child, I could never understand why others would be mean to another. I lived an oblivious childhood. I never understood how my actions might be perceived and lead to bullying. Nor did I understand why I or anybody was being bullied.

The biggest part I couldn't understand was the amount of energy that is associated with bullying.

It seems so mentally straining to actually go out of your way to cause drama and find traits to bully another about.

It is even more draining and absolutely life-threatening to be on the receiving end.

Here’s the point:

Nobody is, or should have to be, equipped to handle bullying.

I am always so surprised when somebody cyber bullies me. (Usually it’s on social media). Something I always vocalize is how low it makes me feel.

It's embarrassing to admit that words do affect me. So for example, I believe I am a strong individual and I know I can move past negative comments about myself and my art with stride and without questioning myself as a person…

But that doesn’t  justify the words spoken about me or the feelings I experience as a result of these words…

And it’s not just me, but everyone else too!

Like this post isn’t just about me. It’s about everyone who’s just trying to post on social media… maybe share some art… maybe just tell a joke or whatever… and then they get bullied for no reason!

It happens SO MUCH.

Every time I encounter something I feel strongly about, such as bullying, I always feel a call to action. While my voice on social media is minimal, it doesn't minimize the effort I can put into calling others into action.

With that in mind, I searched for an organization or association that I would like to support. After some time, I settled on the National Association of People Against Bullying (NAPAB).

NAPAB focuses on advocating children's rights and offering anti-bullying services.

The story behind it:

"Anna Mendez, a mom driven by the untimely passing of her son, starts an organization called NAPAB to advocate for victims of bullying..."

"Anna knows from personal experience that bullying, often thought to be harmless and falls under the radar, devastates too many school aged children, is preventable and can lead to suicide. Yet some still do not want to acknowledge it."

So acknowledge it.

Feel the pain and feel the emotion that comes with being bullied yourself, unintentionally and intentionally bullying others, and preventing it in all levels. Acknowledge it.

And if you would like to do more, visit my featured collection of abstract prints to donate. 25% of all pre-sales will be donated to the National Association of People Against Bullying. Or follow this link to donate directly:


Take care. Be well to yourself. Be kind to others.



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