Custom Abstract Painting

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A custom abstract painting is the perfect way to tie a home or business office together.

Add sentiment to it by requesting your favorite colors, your home color palette, etc. 


Ideas for custom abstract paintings:

  • An abstract painting created with your wedding color palette
  • Abstract floral paintings made with flowers from a wedding bouquet
  • An abstract painting created with their home color palette
  • Abstract floral painting made with your favorite flowers
  • An abstract painting inspired by the landscape of your favorite nature spot
  • An abstract painting based off of a feeling/emotion


6 X 6 Inches
8 X 10 Inches
9 X 12 Inches
12 X 24 Inches
16 X 20 Inches
18 X 18 Inches
20 X 20 Inches
18 X 24 Inches
24 X 24 Inches
20 X 40 Inches
24 X 36 Inches
30 X 30 Inches
36 X 36 Inches
36 X 48 Inches
48 X 48 Inches

** If you have a custom size in mind for a specific space in your home, email me at


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