Live Wedding Painting

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“This is going to be the most-treasured memory of your wedding," - Ivy Jacobson, The Knot

There are trained artists across the country who specialize in painting live at events —including weddings. Your wedding will be captured in a live abstract painting at your reception based on YOUR wedding color palette!

You give yourself a cherished, unique gift that’ll make an awesome conversation starter in your home. Your wedding guests will love the artistic element added to your reception.

At the wedding:

  • Live painting session will occur at your reception for entertainment
  • The abstract painting will be created and inspired by your wedding color palette
  • The bride and groom include a few of their own brushstrokes to the painting
  • A final layer of protective varnish is added to the painting
  • You enjoy a fine art painting in your home that holds the sentiment of your special day and is an amazing conversation starter during holidays/dinners.

24 X 24 Inches
24 X 36 Inches
30 X 30 Inches
36 X 36 Inches
30 X 30 Inches
36 X 36 Inches
36 X 48 Inches
48 X 48 Inches

** If you have a custom size in mind for a specific space in your home, email me at


Purchase the listing and email me the date of your wedding. Or email me to place a deposit and make monthly payments on this fine art wedding service.