My work stems from my exploration in hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation. My studies in the past were always related to hermeneutics in regards to language and texts, but I could never stop myself from interpreting the studies in regards to art and abstract paintings.

The concept of dianoia is the most influential aspect of hermeneutics to my body of work. A term coined by Plato, dianoia is “the dialogue between the soul and the self.”

Abstract paintings have been my opportunity to engage in a dialogue with myself. The act of painting abstractly feels like the vibrations of an internal conversation with myself. I go back and forth between the layers of an abstract, just as two people would go back and forth in a passionate conversation.

This dialogue does not remain private to myself. Dianoia and its relation to my work also allows the viewer to participate in a dialogue with themselves. As the viewer explores the complexity of the layers and brushstrokes of an abstract, they seemingly engage in a dialogue between the self as well. 

My work represents my conversations with myself, my conversation with the viewer (though I may not be present), and the conversation with the viewer and themselves. 

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