How long will it take to receive my abstract painting?
Existing abstract paintings will arrive within 5-7 business days of purchase. 
(If a painting’s description mentions the painting is on exhibit, the lead time will be 5-7 business days from exhibit’s end time)

Can I pickup purchased paintings? 
Yes, all paintings can be picked up from my art studio on Glenwood South. Please use discount code 'RALEIGHPICKUP' at checkout. We will coordinate a date and time via email communication.


How do abstract paintings ship?
All abstract paintings are shipped via USPS. Paintings are  reinforced between two thick cardboard pieces, clear wrapped for weather resistance, and bubble wrapped. All packages are marked “Fragile” and “Do NOT Bend” to ensure painting(s) integrity.

Are shipped paintings insured?
All paintings come with a default $50 shipping insurance. Please reach out to nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com for increased shipping insurance.

How much does it cost to ship an abstract painting?
An abstract painting can cost between $20 - $150 for shipping. Paintings up to 24x24 inches are often in the $20-$30 shipping cost range. Anything larger is subject to a $40-$150 shipping cost range.

Can my abstract painting be framed and shipped?
Yes, abstract paintings can be framed for local Raleigh pickup or shipped. Email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com to receive framing and pricing information.

The painting I wanted is sold out?
Please reference the "Commissions" page or email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com for a "Creative Rendition." 


What are commissions and how do I request one?
Commissions are paid for private or commercial-usage paintings. To request custom paintings, please visit "Commissions" or email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com 

How do I request a custom painting?
Reference the “Commissions” page or email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com

Can I pick the colors for my custom abstract painting?
Yes! Through email communication, we will decide on a custom and original color palette. Colors can be of your choice, be complimentary to your home/office/room that the painting will be in, or an existing color palette you’ve found online (i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

What is the largest painting size you offer?
The largest painting size I have created to date is 48x48in. Larger sizes are available upon request. Please email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com

What are your rates?
Rates for custom artwork are dependent on the description of the project, the size, the client, and turnaround time. Please reach out to nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com with as specific of a request as you can and I'll offer you a personalized quote.


How long will it take to receive my custom abstract painting?
A custom painting can take between 24hours to several months to paint and ship. Email nicoledrake.paints@gmail.com for a more exact lead time of your custom painting.


Artist Q&A

Where are you located?
Raleigh, NC

How long have you been painting?
11 years. I decided to go fully pursue painting as my main medium in 2015, when I graduated with my BFA in Fine Art. I went full-time with my painting career in May of 2019.

What is your inspiration?
Prior to last year, my paintings were always objective (artwork that depicts easily recognizable subject matter). In early 2019, I started therapy and began traversing emotional regulation, anxiety, and addressing my need for “perfection.” Abstract paintings became a visual, non-objective representation of my journey through mental health.


Can my painting be returned?
No, all completed painting purchases (existing and custom) cannot be returned.

Can I return a custom painting?
All custom painting sales are final and not available for a return.


How do I get a refund?
Deposits for custom paintings are non-refundable.
All shipped and final payment paintings are non-refundable and are not available for returns.
Partial payments of existing paintings are available for a refund.

Why are custom painting deposits non-refundable?
Project ideas, materials, and actual paintings are purchased with and started with and at the time of a deposit. Just as I am unlikely to return materials, my time spent on brainstorming a project, and the actual painting put onto a canvas, a deposit is also unable to be returned.